What is Landing Page? Steps to build an effective Landing Page

Landing Page is a special type of page that has no direction to other pages. This is usually a specific page about a product, service or information that wants users to focus entirely on the content the article conveys. According to statistics, Landing Page has the ability to encourage users to take action (order, leave information, contact,…) up to 85% while normal pages only fall in the range of 30-40% if well presented.

The most popular types of Landing Page today

Landing Page is diverse and has many styles

Landing Page is diverse and has many styles

When the concept of Landing Page was formed, people also created many different types of Landing Page, but according to the mechanism of a website, people divided it into 3 types:

Landing Page is a page of a website

This is the most popular form of Landing Page. Suppose your website is a website that sells hundreds of different products. However, one day the director announces that he will open a huge promotional campaign for ABC products, then you need a Landing Page for this campaign. To save money on opening a website, you should choose this format. It is also considered much more effective in SEO because it inherits the reputation of your domain instead of having to create a new website. Moreover, this promotional campaign is only seasonal, so refreshing a website unnessary.

Landing Page is a separate website

This type is mainly used when you only sell one type of product or service that is well known. The advantage of this type of website is that it is the first and last place visitors visit before leaving, so when accessing the page the action rate on the page is very high, however the success of Landing Page still depends mainly on content. In this form, you can also use a subdomain to save costs.

Landing Page is a form of Pop-up

Many people think that this type of Landing Page is very ineffective, but according to XDIGI it is still very effective if you exploit it correctly. Normally in this form you should not give a lengthy presentation like the above two types. In this type, many people only need text and form to be successful. This type should only be applied when customers access your website when they clearly know what the content is (what product, or what information). If your website has a news section, when customers visit it, a sales pop-up will appear, which will be an annoying action (if you want to advertise a product, use a banner inserted into the article). Instead, let the pop-up appear when the customer accesses your product (the customer is searching for the product). Show the pop-up with a short message encouraging the user to buy. instant goods like “buy today and receive immediate promotion – opportunity only 3 days left”,…

Elements needed in a Landing Page

Landing Page is like your online salesperson, the qualities you need for a good salesperson must also be important ingredients for a good Landing Page. Not to mention the content of that Landing Page, the first thing is that the Landing Page must have all of the following components:


It is certainly an indispensable ingredient. Your title must be truly attractive to the interested audience. You only have one page, do this well, make it so that after reading the title your customers want to scroll down to continue reading. You should not be too wordy, the title should be short and meaningful, if it describes the benefits of the product, even better.

Important values

Present in the next section the value your product or service brings to users. You should present this section in a list format for customers to quickly read through because most people who visit your website can read the title and know how your product/service helps them. Breaking it down a bit further, point out the greatness of the product/service so that customers can feel the quality or origin. You can provide presentations about ingredients, production steps, professional service steps, etc.

Call to action button

Put a call to action button like Call now, book now,… for customers to take action. You should leave the button instead of leaving the entire form out because the page is not finished yet. If the customer has the intention to buy after the above messages, your Landing Page will be 80% successful. And if you buy immediately, it will be 100% successful.


If customers still have doubts about the product, provide evidence such as certificates, inspection papers, and even your business license. However, you only need to go through this part because the users don’t know very well, instead, bring a few customers who have used the product, interview them and give a portion of the user experience. For services, please mention a few projects you have done. Reputable partners will be much easier to convince.

Impressive graphics

With the development of HTML5-CSS3, having a beautiful interface is not difficult. Not only is it beautiful, you need to have an easy-to-see interface that highlights the information you want to convey. Product images must also be carefully invested, clear, detailed is the most important thing. Usually the Landing Page needs to have navigation shortcuts. These navigation buttons will lead to the part that customers are most interested in when entering.

How to create a Landing Page

To build a Landing Page, you must at least know HTML and a little server script code such as PHP, ASP, JSP,… to collect customer information. However, you can still build your own Landing Page with tools without having to know code. Some Landing Page building tools include:

Landing Page Unbounce creation tool

Is a very professional tool for creating a Landing Page with just drag and drop and editing. It also provides many built-in templates to help create a Landing Page much faster. However, when using the tool, you will be affected by this tool, and have to spend at least $49 for one month of use.

Landing Page Instapage Builder

Cheaper than Unbounce at $29 for a month, Instapage also provides you with an A/B testing analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of your Landing Page. However, the customization of Instapage is not as good as that of Unbounce. Using Instapage, you can use its subdomain (absolutely not recommended for a Landing Page) to point your own domain and especially it allows for synchronous connection with a WordPress website. There are also some other tools such as: LeadPages, Launchrock, Hello Bar,… that you can refer to. In addition, you can hire a Landing Page design at a low cost to best suit your needs. According to XDIGI, using the above services is very expensive because you have to pay quite a high price for a month. It is only suitable for foreign countries, but in Vietnam you should hire a designer once to save money.
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