The important criteria to run effective Facebook Ads

The key issue closely related to advertising costs is the bid price. The factors influencing the bid price are primarily competition with rivals targeting the same audience and the interaction rate/reach ratio. Based on these two factors, criteria will be presented to alleviate cost pressure. In this article, XDIGI will provide criteria to reduce bid prices in automated bidding, optimizing Facebook Ads costs effectively

Target a broad geographic location on Facebook Ads

Choosing a large geographical location makes advertising easy to distribute, avoiding direct competition within a narrow audience. Wide placement helps Facebook have “room” to distribute your ads, avoiding direct bidding with competitors targeting the same target.
Ads target a broad geographic location on Facebook Ads

Ads target a broad geographic location on Facebook Ads

Advertising that targets a broad geographic location makes it easy to optimize costs
Choosing a wide location does not mean reducing your advertising costs. But it will help you easily optimize Facebook advertising costs, or set manual bids and still get a lot of distribution. However, in some cases, you can only run ads targeting a specific location. At this time, running more neighboring areas is also something you should consider.

Wide target age range, gender and language diversity

Similar to location, age and gender, in addition to being used to target the target audience, it is also used to optimize costs very effectively. A wide age range helps your ads distribute more “easily” than a narrow range.
I usually run in the 10-year-old wide range. For example: 25-34, 35-44,… A width of 10 years old is enough width to best optimize advertising. In addition to the breadth factor, you also need to pay attention to which age group and gender will interact most with your articles. A specific example is as follows:
On the above advertisement I ran targeting 3 different age groups.

Target and standard exclusions on Facebook Ads

By targeting the right audience, the reach-to-interaction ratio will be higher, meaning your bids will be cheaper and your costs will be many times lower. One important point for Facebook is to keep the user experience at the maximum level. Therefore, ads that reach the right people will increase the user experience, while increasing the relevance index and the bid price will decrease, pushing the article’s competitiveness higher.
Target sở thích là một trong những cách để tiếp cận đúng đối tượng quảng cáo
Interest targeting is one of the ways to reach the right advertising audience
Targeting interests is one of the most important and simple things to do, but not easy to achieve effectively. To target accurately, you need to research customer insight. Find out what all audiences have in common, filter out the most accurate behaviors, interests, and demographics that best match what you are advertising.

Running time is long enough

Ad run time also affects cost optimization. In addition to having enough time for Facebook to distribute (machine learning time), running time also helps you collect enough statistics for analysis purposes, understanding the situation and proactively adjusting.
Thời gian chạy đủ lâu cho ra những con số biết nói
The running time is long enough to produce talking numbers
When working for many customer partners. I usually use at least 20-30% of the budget to do the initial testing. The main method I use is split testing over a long period of time. At the end of the campaign, the data will be documents for us to understand customers and conduct more effective campaigns. Running for a short time will not collect enough data, so my advice is that you should run for at least 1 week to collect enough data on everything.

Optimize budget for Facebook Ads campaign

In case you want to get more results you can use budget optimization for the entire campaign. Using the budget for the entire campaign will allow Facebook to automatically allocate budget to groups, with more effective groups receiving larger budgets.
Tối ưu hóa ngân sách cho phép Facebook tự động phân bổ ngân sách đến những nhóm quảng cáo hiệu quả
Budget optimization allows Facebook Ads to automatically allocate budget to effective ad groups
Of course this won’t reduce your advertising costs, but it will increase your effectiveness, and the effectiveness ratio will indicate that the cost of paying for high efficiency will be very cheap. Above are some basic methods to help reduce bids and increase advertising effectiveness on Facebook. There will still be a lot of work to do such as creating appropriate content, taking care of interactive people, running at the right time,… which also need to be optimized for the advertising campaign to be the most successful. Good luck !
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